About Brede Arkless

The amazing mountaineering achievements of Brede are well documented and quite rightly hugely respected throughout the mountaineering world. A lesser known but an equally important achievement was the inspirational way in which Brede introduced disadvantaged and often disaffected children and young people safely into the challenges and joy of the mountains.

For nearly 30 years Brede was our ‘Guide’, guiding our young people in Wales, Scotland, the French Alps and in the Himalayas. Well over 3000 young people experienced their first mountain under Brede’s inspirational guidance.

But Brede was so much more than just a Guide. She took a genuine interest in each young person. She gave them time, respect, discipline, high standards and a belief in themselves that they could achieve goals and have aspirations – all vital skills transferable to all other aspects of the young person’s life. Brede’s style was unique, her honesty refreshing, her expectations demanding, her commitment total and her genuine warmth and caring unparalleled.

Ever since Brede’s passing we have wanted to have a permanent memorial for everything she gave to our young people but a memorial that Brede would approve of.

We feel that Outdoors In The City (something I talked with Brede about when it was just a dream) which will continue to introduce disadvantaged and disaffected young people to the great outdoors, passing on the values that Brede first taught us, will be a real and living memorial for her inspirational life and for everything she gave so freely and to so many.

Kevin Jenkins OBE
Co-Founder, Community Links

Outdoors in the City is a social enterprise
any financial surplus generated is re-invested into the charitable activities of Community Links